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Sneezing Fetish 1

Watch me as I try to read a magazine, but I can’t focus on reading once my allergies start bothering me. I find it so frustrating when I catch a sneezing fit. It’s uncontrollable and once I start, it’s hard to make it stop. The sneezing causes my whole body to spasm and makes my nose feel like it needs to be blown. I blow my nose so hard that it makes a loud honking type of sound. 

Sneezing Fetish 1

Give in to your fetish for sneezing! This is my very first sneeze fetish clip.

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It’s my 1st MV Anniversary!

I’ve been celebrating my 1st year on ManyVids since April 27th and I released two exclusive videos that you can only find on the MV site. If you’re a fan of my Ass Fetish or Sneezing Content, you are missing out if you don’t check out these videos.

The promo code might be expired, but don’t worry! I give out promo codes to my loyal fans, so stay tuned to my site for all of my special promotions.

MV Anniversary Oily Ass Shaking – Trailer

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MV Anniversary Sneezing Fetish – Trailer

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